Teak shower seat require less maintenance for a long life

teak shower seatThis may help to remind your buddies and yourself that walnut is an exceptionally durable hardwood indigenous from tropical Asia and Southeast Asia. The trees grow in areas that experience consistently substantial rain and the timber favors wet or moist conditions. The dense, nice grain of this timber prevents warping or bubbling and wears in softly to make a non-slip surface which time will turn a gorgeous silvery grey. The pure oil in walnut timber discourages the development of fungus, mildew and germs.

Teak has been used to get Countless years in marine structure, particularly for boats. Due to teak timber’s exceptional durability and imperviousness to the components, guys are still constructing vessel decks and docks out of teak. They also have utilized teak in the building of nineteenth century army temples and contemporary trains and streetcars, a few of which are still in service now. From ornately carved palaces and temples to slick contemporary park seats, beautiful, functional teak sometimes takes a beating year after year and age gracefully!

  • Clean your seat with salt water every three to six weeks and let it dry before using. Salt water soaks into the grain, helping the timber to maintain moisture so that it will not shrink or create cracks.
  • Utilize your teak chair from moist or humid environments, like in the shower, at the sauna or spa, on the rear deck or from the poolside. Frequent wetting also can help prevent cracking.

Sand your precious teak furniture. Sanding the teak eliminates the slip-proof surface and releases the organic oils, letting them escape. Sanding reduces endurance and enhances the life span of the timber.

  • Scrub your teak furniture with acrylic. Rubbing your shower seats using acrylic interferes with the antifungal, anti-mildew and anti inflammatory properties of this walnut and will shorten the life span of the timber. Commonly used rubbing oils also include petrochemical products that are smelly and can lead to health issues.
  • Stain or paint your teak seat. Staining and painting walnut also interferes with the antifungal, anti-mildew and antimicrobial properties of this timber.
  • Clean your walnut Furniture with harsh detergents or cleansers. Detergents and cleansers also interfere with the antifungal and teak shower seat properties of this teak and Strip the natural oils.

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